Industrial Valve Sales & Service

What separates Industrial Valve from the competition? Our mobility. Time lost, is money lost. We eliminate down time, thereby eliminating wasted money.

Among the major equipment Industrial Valve has available for field service capabilities is the Pressure Valve Tester (PVT). Below you will also find other major equipment Industrial Valve has to meet your specifications.

Utilizing innovative approaches and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, Pressure Valve Testing (PVT) greatly streamlines the diagnostic procedure by allowing in-line testing without removing the valve. In many cases, the valve can also be repaired on-site, with little or no interruption to operations.

A few of the benefits include:

  • Spring-loaded valves can be tested in-line
  • Eliminates the need to overpressure the system for testing and saves energy by not wasting the test medium
  • Total maintenance time is reduced by the amount of time normally spent on valve removal and installation
  • Minimizes potential damage to valve seats from low capacity testing
  • Now possible to test many valve types
  • Test results can be provided on hard printout

At the heart of our PVT system is the Portable Testing Unit (PTU). Using sophisticated microprocessor-controlled electronics, the PTU is designed for use on a wide range of operating pressures with complete accuracy. When interfaced with a programmable computer, the system can store all necessary information to allow set pressure calculations of all Consolidated® 1811, 1511, 1900, 1500, 2700, and 1700 valves, all Crosby® HC, HCI, HE, HSJ, HL, JOS, and JBS valves, and most Farris® valves.


6 Portable Safety Valve Re-seating Machines 1.5" - 6" Maxiflows
5 Portable Safety Valve Hydro-Set Units Testing Maxiflows In-Line Under Pressure
6 Dead Weight Testers Capacity: 20,000 PSI
4 Heist Test Computers Capacity: 0 - 3,000 PSI
12 Set of Complete Test Gauges Capacity: 0 - 10,000 PSI
13 Portable Gate Valve Re-Seating Machines 4" - 42" Valve
1 Portable Pipe Beveler 2" - 10"
1 Climax Portable Flange Facer Model #FF618 6" - 22 " Diameters
1 Portable P.T.C. Instrument model 316 Rockwell "C" Scale Hardness Tester
1 Durango (Porta-Tool) Series II Flange Facing Machine 6" - 36" Flanges
8 (P.V.T.) Pressure Valve Tester Portable Electronic In-Line Safety Valve Testing Device
2 Portable Globe/Non-Return Boring/Re-Seating Machine Sizes 8" - 24"; Pressure 150 lbs. - 4,500 lbs.
1 Portable Magnaflux Testing Unit Meets Requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Station "V" & ASTM E709-80
1 Niton x Li868 Portable Alloy Analyzer Positive Material Identification of Alloys