Industrial Valve Sales & Service

Industrial Valve is fully equipped to repair all sizes (from 1/4” to 108”) of angle, ball, check, gate, globe, knife and plug valves. We not only repair low pressure 150, 300 and 600 lb. bolted bonnet valves, we specialize in the 900, 1500, 2500 and 4500 lb. pressure seal valves. In addition, Industrial Valve has on-site, in-line boring and flange facing capabilities for valves and flanges that are too large and too expensive to remove and replace.

Surplus & New Valve Surplus Manual Valve products include: Allis Chalmers®, Aloyco®, Bonney®, Bray®, Chapman®, Crane®, Dezurik®, Durco®, Edwards®, Fabri®, Hancock®, Jamesbury®, Keystone®, Kitz®, Neles®, Newco®, Pacific®, Powell®, Pratt®, Rockwell®, Smith®, Stockham®, Tufline®, Velan®, Vogt®, Walworth®, and Yarway® among many others.

Valves are tested to meet API 598 requirements and required to pass a 21 point inspection as part of a quality control series. Test and / or repair results are available at no additional charge.


  1. Pre-inspection to determine the general condition of the valve.
  2. Match marking of major components for proper orientation of parts.
  3. Disassemble, blast, clean all parts to bare metal.
  4. Inspect all parts for damage or wear.
  5. Inspect valve stem for thread wear and pitting of stem packing area.
  6. Inspect valve stem nut (yoke bushing) for thread wear.
  7. Inspect valve disc (wedge) for cuts / wear.
  8. Inspect valve seats (seat rings) for cuts / wear.
  9. Inspect valve bonnet for pits / cuts of packing area.
  10. Inspect valve bonnet for cuts / wear of body bonnet gasket landing.
  11. Inspect valve body for cuts / wear of body bonnet gasket landing.
  12. Inspect body flange faces for cuts / wear.
  13. Inspect hand wheel for pits / breakage.
  14. Inspect hand wheel nut thread wear.
  15. Inspect stem nut hand wheel area for thread wear.
  16. Inspect stem nut retainer for wear / thread wear.
  17. Inspect packing gland.
  18. Inspect packing gland flange.
  19. Inspect body flanges for hole wear.
  20. Inspect body bonnet flanges for hole wear.
  21. Inspect valve name plate.