Industrial Valve Sales & Service

Positive identification, positively superior quality.

The quality of valve is only as good as the quality of the metal that goes into - and around it. Flawed, incorrect or incompatible metals can cause equipment to become unreliable and lead to catastrophic failure.

Due to the increasing importance of metal alloy verification in industry, Industrial Valve is pleased to offer in-shop metallurgical testing services to customers. Using state-of-the-art Niton® portable alloy analyzer, we can now take your Quality Assurance/Quality Control program to a new level of capability and reliability. That adds up to better safety, less failures, and increased efficiency.

A portable alloy analyzer has many vital uses to a wide range of industries, one of the most important of which is Positive Material Identification (PMI). PMI has become an integral part of process safety management in many industries, and more and more companies are implementing stringent PMI programs. New guidelines have been set forth by industry organizations to assure that the compositions of alloy components are consistent with design specifications.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved Quality Control - faster, more accurate materials verification
  • Increased Safety - dramatically reduced rate of failure through PMI
  • Enhanced efficiency - parts can be repaired or replaced faster and more reliably
  • Fast, accurate reporting - interfaces with a computer and generates custom reports
  • Saves money - through increased reliability and efficiency